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Why do I need this guide?

Whether you love writing or you hate it, there’s no denying that words sell.

Imagine going to a company website and seeing nothing but images and animations. It might look nice, but there would be little substance to it. How would you find your way around, or understand the context of anything you’re seeing?

Think about search engine optimisation (SEO) as well – how would Google and other search engines direct you to the website, since their algorithms rely primarily on text?

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It can’t just be any old text either. Search engines are increasingly demanding high-quality writing in the same way as human readers do. Nothing’s more off-putting than writing littered with grammatical errors and repetition, or that simply leaves you feeling like you wasted your time reading it.

When it comes to the act of writing though, this can seem like a minefield – especially if your days of English lessons at school seem like a distant dream (or nightmare)!

As a digital marketing agency specialising in content, it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about crafting quality content – and we’ve seen all of the common pitfalls and mistakes over the years. That’s why we’ve put together our content-writing guide, Now is the Winter of Great Content, which you can download for FREE:

What does the guide cover?

Within this guide, which is inspired by the legendary playwright William Shakespeare – nobody’s words are more valued than his, after all – you’ll discover…

You need this guide if you want to…

Grow your business online

Get more results from your website

Inspire and persuade your audience to take action

Combat common spelling and grammar mistakes and increase your professionalism

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Who has Engage Web created content for?

While we have NDAs in place that prevent us from revealing any of the marketing agencies, and many of the top brands, we’ve created content for, some of the brand names we have produced content for include:

What do our clients say?

At Engage Web, we’ve been creating content for our clients’ websites, social media campaigns and other marketing channels since back in 2009. Over the years, we’ve helped countless clients and agencies with their content. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“When it occurred to me that I could pay someone to write the content for me, I was worried that they wouldn’t be able to capture the feel of the website that I wanted to portray. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

After discussions with the Engage Web team, we agreed on a brief and all I had to do was send over details of the what I wanted. The team came up with the content regarding who HRD are, what we do and why we do it.

I also sent bullet points of information regarding the staff for their biographies. I wanted them to show the accountant for the person they are and not for what they can do as an accountant. All the staff are really pleased with the content and have all agreed, they never could have written something like that themselves.

So, what have a learnt from working with Engage Web:

1. Its far more cost effective to pay someone who is good at what they do, rather than try and do it yourself.
2. I will be using Engage Web again to look after my social media.
3. After reading my dogs profile, she has a far more interesting life than I do.
4. One of my staff members has their own Wikipedia page.

I look forward to recommending Engage Web to all who need them.”

Zoe Devenport, Owner – Henry R. Davis & Co LTD

“We all know that writing blogs for our websites is important and that (if done properly) it can seriously boost your online presence and create new leads. The problem with blogging however is that it is time consuming. One needs to first think of a topic, then about making the subject attractive, then about using specific key words, then find time to actually write the thing just to finally edit the blog, make it look neat and find a suitable photo as well. I am a busy mum and run my law firm single handedly. I therefore recognised (early on) that I simply would not be able to commit to any sort of regular blog writing. Having said that, I still wanted to attract clients online and so I decided to employ Engage Web. Darren and his team started by carving out a perfect plan for me (I only asked for 2 blogs per month). We discussed the topics I wanted the expert writer to cover and I never looked back since. The blogs are well written, accurate and always delivered on time. I don’t have to worry about writing blogs for my website anymore which has freed a huge amount of time that I can now use to work on my business or enjoy family time. I also suddenly have plenty of material to post on my social media too. Lately, I have been receiving feedback from clients saying they have found me simply by searching for a solicitor online. Just to put it in prospective, I have never heard such comment before Darren got involved. I am very impressed with the service I have received and would like to thank Darren and Engage Web for all that they do. I will certainly be recommending you to my friends, family and business contacts.”

Marta Williamson – My Local Solicitor

“When re-designing our new website we were keen to get the landing pages technically correct but readable to potential customers. Based on a recommendation from our web designer I approached Mark to rewrite our original text for the landing pages, which he and his team did in a professional and timely manner. Given the high technical content of the landing pages this was no easy task; however the results were a credit to his team. The subsequent launch of the new website and the early statistical returns are indicating that the work done by Engage Web has proven to be successful and effective in attracting the customer to enquire for more information.”

Ian Rennell – Senior Project Engineer – System Devices UK Ltd

Don’t delay! Download your free content writing guide now:

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Want to get more out of your online content? Download our free content writing guide today!

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