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How To Become The Top Visitor Inviter In Your BNI Chapter

Download this free 61-page guide featuring strategies, techniques and invite scripts you can use to have BNI visitors every single week – all using social media and never speaking with anyone!

Who Is This Guide For?

This BNI visitor inviting guide is for you if you want to know the top secret strategies used by the biggest visitor inviters in BNI. By following all of the steps and strategies within this guide, you’ll soon be welcoming multiple visitors to your BNI chapter every week, and you’ll receive maximum points on the BNI traffic lights for visitors.
Visitor Inviting guide pages
The guide is for both new members and experienced BNI members alike.


If you adopt every strategy explained within this guide you will effectively automate your BNI visitor inviting so that visitors come to you. They seek you out, and want to attend your BNI meeting without you even asking them.

As the author of this guide, Darren Jamieson, explains “I have genuinely had a visitor register to visit my BNI Chapter, attend the meeting, apply to join and become a member without even knowing he was my visitor. This technique is that effective.”

Why Should You Download This Guide?

Whether you struggle with inviting visitors to BNI, or whether you’re one of the top visitor-inviters in your chapter but you just want to do more, this guide is for you. This guide details some passive inviting techniques that, once set up, require no time on your part whatsoever. It also includes some more active techniques to really take your visitor-inviting to the next level.
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What Is In The Guide?

This guide features everything you need to be the top visitor inviter in the chapter. Every visitor-inviting technique used by Darren is explained, in detail, within the guide. Every script used by Darren is also included for you to copy and paste to use yourself, for each technique.

This guide includes initial cold outreach messages, as well as the replies you can use to close potential visitors.

Completely free!

Easy to use

No ad spend necessary

100% PROVEN to work

Includes full invite scripts you can copy and paste

Multiple invite strategies for different social media platforms

No social media experience necessary


Meet Darren Jamieson

Who Put This Guide Together?

This BNI visitor-inviting guide was written by BNI member Darren Jamieson, a former chapter president at Chester BNI (UK) and a 100-point member. Darren is the #1 member in his region, Cheshire West, and has been ranked as high as #14 in the UK & Ireland out of 13,000 members. Darren uses each of the strategies detailed within this guide to bring visitors to BNI, and has brought 34 visitors to Chester BNI in the first seven months of 2023. Almost all of the visitors were unknown to Darren, and he met them for the first time when they attended his chapter meeting.

Darren has discussed visitor inviting, and more BNI topics, with BNI founder Dr Ivan Misner on his podcast The Engaging Marketeer.

Darren also runs the YouTube channel BNI Education Slots, featuring videos of actual BNI education moments recorded at BNI chapter meetings. With over 1,000 subscribers and over 88,000 views of the videos, the channel is extremely popular with BNI members across the world.

Harry Heath BNI Dabbers

I was recently sent your Visitor Inviting guide and I thought it was very thorough and extremely useful!
Great work!

Harry Heath
BNI Dabbers, Chapter President
Chloe Briggs

Thanks, this was VERY helpful! I’m the web designer in Fortuna (Hertfordshire) and we’re very much trying to grow and I’m sure some of these tactics will help massively.

Cloe Briggs
BNI Fortuna, Membership Committee


Do I need to be great at social media?
No, this guide is suitable for social media experts and complete novices alike.


Do I need to understand digital marketing?
Not at all. Digital marketing is often made more complicated than it needs to be, and this guide cuts through the complexity to give you the simple, straightforward facts – including the techniques to get the results you need.


Do I need to speak to people – either on the phone or in person?
Absolutely not. All of the results obtained in bringing visitors to BNI were achieved without speaking to a single person, either in person or on the phone. You can if you want to, of course. But you certainly don’t need to.


How much time does it take each week?
This depends on the level of success you want. To achieve the results detailed on this page, probably around 30 minutes per week day were spent on BNI inviting. That amounts to around 2hrs 30 minutes per week. Of course you don’t need to spend that long. You can use some of the techniques in this guide for just 30 minutes to an hour per week, and still achieve the maximum visitor points on the traffic lights.


What results can I genuinely achieve?
If you follow every technique within this guide, and spend over 2hrs per week on visitor inviting, you can easily expect to welcome between 2-6 visitors to BNI each month. With a little more time and, depending on the population of your local area, it’s entirely possible to have visitors every week.


How many BNI visitors do I need each week or month for maximum points?
The traffic lights are calculated over a rolling 6-month period, and to achieve the maximum points for visitors you need to have brought 12 visitors (over 24 weeks) or 13 visitors (over 26 weeks). Most chapters close over Christmas, so any 6-month period that includes a December are over 24 weeks.


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