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Over 200 digital marketing training videos, with new content added EVERY WEEK, including the following:

SEO Training
(worth £2,000)

Our SEO team has put together a full training program for SEO, showing you everything you need to increase your website's rankings in Google, analyse your competitors, conduct keyword research, actually do 'technical' SEO and troubleshoot problems. Our SEO team works on the SEO for clients around the world, every day, and these training videos show you how to do what we do

Facebook Ads Academy
(worth £227+VAT)

Our FULL Facebook Ads Training suite - with over 70 videos showing the whole process from setting up a Facebook Ads Account, to defining audiences, targeting, creating ads, bids and running successful ads to achieve conversions without spending a big budget (includes our Facebook Ads swipe file, so you can use our ad templates, and our landing page templates)

Recordings of LIVE Trainings
(worth hundreds of pounds)

You'll receive videos of live training sessions run by Engage Web, where attendees have paid hundreds of pounds each to attend. These training sessions are on subjects such as Facebook Ads, SEO, Content Strategy, Social Media, Mindset, Procedures and more

Marketing Training Videos

In addition to SEO and Facebook Ads - you'll also receive training videos on setting up and running webinars, creating funnels, building landing pages, using Google Analytics, designing your website, using AI software (such as ChatGPT), what WordPress plugins you should use and a lot more

BONUS Downloads

Download a number of bonus tools and guides to help you with your digital marketing - such as our SEO Jargon Buster (explaining the terminology used within SEO) and our Digital Marketing Toolbox (revealing some of the tools you can use to help with your digital marketing)

Online Learning Academy Courses
(worth over £750)

Receive every course and download available on the website Online Learning Academy for free, including courses on LinkedIn, Twitter, Content Writing and more


On ANY of our in-person workshops or training

ALL for just £1 for your first month!

The only digital marketing resource you'll ever need!

Darren workshop

Why did you create EngageWeb.Club?

There are a lot of digital marketing ‘courses’ available online, some of them costing thousands of pounds. While many of them are very good, a lot do leave huge gaps in what they cover. Additionally, a lot of the courses available online are from digital marketing ‘trainers’ who don’t actively engage in digital marketing for clients on a day-to-day basis. This means their knowledge, and their courses, are missing the latest updates.

It’s much better to learn from someone who’s actively doing what you want to do, as opposed to someone who created a course in doing it once several months, or even years, ago. EngageWeb.Club is NOT a course, it’s a digital marketing club that is constantly updated with the latest information on every aspect of digital marketing, from our team of experts.

Why is EngageWeb.Club so cheap?

We could have charged a lot more for EngageWeb.Club, it’s true. Our Ultimate SEO Master Academy and our Ultimate Facebook Ads Master Academy are both included within EngageWeb.Club at no extra cost, and they’re both hundreds of pounds each. So why is EngageWeb.Club so cheap?
At Engage Web our core business isn’t in creating courses, it’s in working directly with clients on their digital marketing. That’s our day-to-day work. However, there are a lot of smaller businesses, start ups, solopreneurs, freelancers and more with whom we’d love to work. It’s to help businesses like these that EngageWeb.Club was created – to ensure you have the right sources of information, the right sources of help, on hand when you need them.

Growing your business online can seem like a minefield. What channels do you invest in, what do you post - and what even is SEO anyway?

That’s where EngageWeb.Club comes in. EngageWeb.Club is jam-packed full of all the digital marketing tips, tools and resources you’ll ever need.

Becoming a member of EngageWeb.Club is for you if you want:


You want to grow your business and its online presence


You want to save yourself time, money & stress by implementing digital marketing the right way


You want to truly master digital marketing and keep up-to-date with the latest developments


You want to join a supportive community you can call on any time


You want to take away the guesswork from your digital marketing efforts

EngageWeb.Club is NOT for you if:

You’ve got so many leads and enquiries, you’re turning away business

You do NOT want to increase your revenue and profit

You do NOT want to save yourself time and money on marketing your business

Join EngageWeb.Club – where business owners and marketers take their businesses to the next level

What do you get with EngageWeb.Club?

As a member of EngageWeb.Club, you’ll have access to:

Our Ultimate SEO Master Academy -

A full video course on SEO, showing you technical walk-throughs, how to analyse your website, make SEO improvements, set strategies, analyse competitors, build links, set up conversions, use tools, track keywords and EVERYTHING you need to master SEO

Content Marketing -

how to set a content marketing strategy, plan your content to meet the needs of your target audience & attract your ideal client to come to you

Organic social media marketing, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn -

how to use social media platforms to grow an engaged following and turn that following into leads and clients

​Email Marketing & list building -

what software to use and how to use it, how to craft email marketing campaigns, set up automated emails and follow ups and how to build your list from the ground up

​How to set up and master funnels -

what funnel building software to use and how to use it, with walk-throughs on creating and optimising funnels for list building, webinar sign ups, sales pages and more

​Using webinars to grow and sell -

what webinar software to use, how to set up a webinar, how to market a webinar and how to create the webinar presentation itself. We show you everything you need to go from creating your first webinar, to running regular webinars and making sales

…and so much more! Including...

Identifying your customer avatar -

all of our tools and videos on how to create your own customer avatar, which is invaluable for your marketing

Defining your value proposition -

you know you're good at what you do, but how do your target clients and customers know this too? We show you how to do that, so your ideal clients are clamouring to work with you

Crafting your elevator pitch -

how to give a succinct pitch for your business that compels people to want to know more

How to scale your business through CRMs and processes -

Systems and processes are how you make your business scalable and more valuable. Our systems and processes expert shows you how to do that, and also what CRMs are available, and how to select the one that's right for you

​How to measure your marketing efforts -

marketing is worthless if it isn't measured. We show you the many ways you can measure your marketing efforts, how to set KPIs (key performance indicators) and what different results can, and should, be measured

​The importance of personal branding -

branding isn't just about a business, it's about yourself. We go through how to create a personal brand, what should be included and how to maintain consistency

​The WordPress Plugins we use -

We not only share with you the plugins we use for digital marketing (and how to use them) but, as a WordPress Plugin developer ourselves at Engage Web, we share our plugins with you

In a nutshell: anything you could possibly wonder about digital marketing, EngageWeb.Club has the answer!

What will you receive?

As a member of EngageWeb.Club, you’ll receive:


When you become a member of EngageWeb.Club, you will also receive:


EVERYTHING on Online Learning Academy

The Online Learning Academy houses a number of courses available to buy, on subjects such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, copywriting and nutrition. As a member of EngageWeb.club you will receive full access to the Online Learning Academy, where you can use any of the courses COMPLETELY FREE.
The courses include:
Elite Facebook Money Marketing – £27
Twitter for Business Marketing Diploma – £27
Growing Your Business through Blogging Diploma – £295
How to Master LinkedIn for Business Diploma – £27
and many more!
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SEO Jargon Buster

Caching. Backlinks. AMP. CTR. SEO is like a language of its own, and you’d be forgiven for getting a little lost with all the different terms. However, you can say goodbye to scratching your head over the meaning of ‘schema’ with our SEO Jargon Buster. Packed full of all the jargon you’ll need to know when it comes to SEO, this little guide will become your new best friend.
It’s yours to download and keep when you join EngageWeb.Club – even if you cancel within the first month!

Digital Marketing Toolbox

Want to know some tools you can use to improve your digital marketing? What if we told you those tools were 100% free? Our Digital Marketing Toolbox guide will walk you through all the key free tools at your disposal to elevate your digital marketing game.

3d boxshot digital marketing toolbox
Woman working with iMac

Ultimate Facebook Ads Master Academy

Need help with Facebook Ads? We’ve got you covered.
Our Ultimate Facebook Ads Master Academy was created in 2019, and has helped hundreds of our mentees create successful Facebook Ad campaigns. This course takes you all the way from first logging in to your Facebook Business Manager, to creating and running successful Facebook Ad Campaigns.
Webinar Special Price £227+VAT
As a member of EngageWeb.Club, you get this COMPLETELY FREE.


When you become a member of EngageWeb.Club TODAY, membership is only £1 for your first month – then £7 per month after that. You can cancel your membership at any time.

When you become a member, your low membership price is locked in for as long as your membership continues.

Become a member of EngageWeb.Club today!

Meet Our EngageWeb.Club Experts

Darren Jamieson

Darren Jamieson

Digital Marketing / Presenting / Video

Lianne Wilkinson

Lianne Wilkinson

Business Growth / Mindset / Money

Ryan Owen

Ryan Owen

Digital Marketing / Sales Processes / AI

Alan Littler

Alan Littler

Invoices / Processes & Procedures / CRMs

Emily Jones

Emily Jones

Paid Ads / Social Media / Automations

Jonathon Roberts

Jonathon Roberts

SEO / Analytics

Gabor Sebestyen

Gabor Sebestyen

Web Development & Design

Nick Arkell

Nick Arkell

Web Development & Design / WordPress Plugins

John Murray

John Murray

Content Marketing / Research / Editorial

Luke Meredith

Luke Meredith

Content / Social Media

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Why Engage Web?

Co-founded by Darren Jamieson and Lianne Wilkinson in 2009, Engage Web started as two determined marketers with the ambition to build a successful business of their own. From humble beginnings editing articles between the two of them at all hours of the day and night, Engage Web steadily grew into a fully-fledged digital marketing agency of its own. Now, the company handles the digital marketing campaigns for clients ranging from small, local businesses to global brands across the UK, Australia, Canada and the United States. Engage Web also supplies other digital marketing agencies with content for their clients, having produced over 250,000 blogs.

Meet Darren Jamieson

Meet Darren Jamieson

TEDx-speaker Darren has been in the field of digital marketing since the late ’90s, and has worked with brands such as Sony, the NHS, the Environment Agency and as the in-house web designer for GAME back in 2000. He’s been in digital marketing so long, when he started Google wasn’t the largest search engine and the dot com bubble had yet to burst. Working for several agencies around the UK, he has witnessed every Google update, seen every trick to manipulate search rankings come and go, and has formulated search marketing strategies that have seen clients stay with him, and at the top, for over a decade.

Meet Lianne Wilkinson

Meet Lianne Wilkinson

Lianne’s career began in the traditional marketing and advertising industry, then transitioned into the emerging digital boom of the early 2000s. Aside from developing Engage Web into an established and respected name in the digital marketing industry, Lianne’s notable achievements include being awarded a coveted place on Goldman Sachs’ 10KSB programme, gaining a nomination for Female Entrepreneur of the Year, and having Engage Web named as a Finalist in the Morgan Foundation Best New Business of the Year award.

Darren's TEDx talk at TEDxUoChester 2023

The Proof’s In The Pudding

Here's what our clients and mentees have to say about working with us:

Daniel Tait

TrAchem Lubricants

Adrian Cornelissen

Burleydam Garden Centre

daniel whittaker

I just want to thank Darren, Leanne, and all of the Engage Web team. I had major problems with my old website and Engage Web saved the day and within 1 week built and took my website live. Amazing service and I’m a very happy customer.

Daniel Whittaker

Steam & Clean
dave gibson

I just wanted to say a big thank you for increasing our overall website leads significantly over the past 12 months in the areas that we have asked you to. I think we have finally found a company that I can trust to do what they say they will do

Dave Gibson

Ascot Mortgages
Brendan O Neill

The business is in the best position it’s ever been in from a website marketing point of view. Working with Engage Web is easy because they take care of everything. They are efficient, pro-active and great value for money.

Brendan O’Neill

Beacon Financial Training

Cath Blanchard

Accessible HR Solutions

David Bryne

DAB Carpet Cleaning

marta williamson square

I have been receiving feedback from clients saying they have found me simply by searching for a solicitor online. Just to put it in prospective, I have never heard such comment before Darren got involved.

Marta Williamson

My Local Solicitor
Dan Evans

We’ve used Engage Web for our SEO for over a year now and they have transformed our rankings and content! The results have exceeded my expectations. The results speak for themselves.

Dan Evans

Homestyle Carpets & Flooring
wainwrights accountants logo

Lianne and her team are reactive to their customers’ needs and regularly offer sensible solutions to improve our web requirements. In summary, Engage Web are the first web design/SEO company that have provided real results.

Andy Wainwright

Wainwrights Accountants

It’s time to build up your business – it’s time to join EngageWeb.Club.


How much is EngageWeb.Club?

EngageWeb.Club is just £1+VAT for your first month, and then £7+VAT per month after that. This price is set to increase shortly, but when you join at this low introductory price, you will receive that reduced price for as long as you stay a member.

Is there an up sell?

No. Everything you need to improve your digital marketing, learn how to use Facebook Ads, SEO, create landing pages, funnels and automations is included in EngageWeb.Club for the low monthly subscription. We don’t charge more for additional training videos or downloads. It’s all there for you use straight away.

 Can I cancel any time?

Yes. You can cancel your membership of EngageWeb.Club whenever you want. There is no notice period, or minimum membership term. Once you cancel, you will lose access to all of the EngageWeb.Club material, including the Ultimate Facebook Ads Master Academy.

 Can I rejoin EngageWeb.Club after I have cancelled?

Absolutely. You can rejoin EngageWeb.Club whenever you wish. However, should you cancel your membership and wish to rejoin, you would be rejoining at whatever the current monthly membership fee is at that time – and that would depend on how many members are in EngageWeb.Club.
What if I’m not ready to join EngageWeb.Club just yet?

That’s perfectly fine – you can join EngageWeb.Club whenever you wish. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee the monthly fee will be the same when you do decide to become a member, as the monthly cost for EngageWeb.Club will increase for new members for every 200 members who join.

What if I can’t attend any of the live Q&As or webinars?

That’s no problem, as all of our live online events will be recorded and added to EngageWeb.Club for you to watch whenever you want.

 I’m not technical – will EngageWeb.Club work for me?

Absolutely. We don’t expect members of EngageWeb.Club to have any prior experience in digital marketing. We explain the theory and the practice behind digital marketing, to make it accessible to all.

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All uses of this trademark is strictly prohibited without the written permission of Sheer Media Ltd

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VAT Number: 972 0942 09

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